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Lisa introducing duke


Hello everybody, Johnny here once again bringing you a new blue pill men upload. For this movie, we’ve decided to get our friend Duke to join in on the action. Not just so he can have fun, but to help pay for the girls as well. Thanks to word of mouth we were able to acquire this beautiful girl named Lisa. One of Lisa’s friend had told her about us and she came a calling. Lisa has recently started making these kind of movies so she was happy to get more experience. We didn’t let Duke just jump into the action. We had to show him a few simple rules before shooting. First, always take the blue pills. See, at our age it’s not as easy as it used to be to get it up sometimes (most times.) Second rule is get limber. Limbering up at our age is very important. At our age the body just isn’t what it used to be. After we walked Duke through all of the steps it was time to go to town. We let Duke do most of the action, it being his first time and all. Of course Frankie had to jump in and get his as well. Lisa is a sweetheart, she sucked both of them off at the same time. Then, went to take Duke from behind as she went down on Frankie . With all set and done, it was a pleasure to shoot with this wonderful nineteen year old, Lisa. Hopefully everyone enjoys it.— Johnny

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Genre: Adult, English, Erotic, Erótica, United States

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