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Image Guardami – Посмотри на меня

Guardami - Посмотри на меня

1999720p1h 35m

Nina is a young and very independent porno actress. She doesn’t need the help of any agent or manager. She has a daughter and a lesbian relationship with Cristiana, a porno editor. Following a usual medical check she discovers she has a cancer. Her life is completely different now. Nina decides to visit her father. Also the real love finds now space in her heart. In fact at the hospital, she knows Flavio, a patient following her same therapies. Nevertheless their liaison Nina still continues to act in porn movies. But for one of them there won’t be a future

Alessandro Riceci , Angelica Ippolito , Antonello Grimaldi , Augusto Zucchi , Claudio Spadaro , Elisabetta Cavallotti , Flavio Insinna , Gianluca Gobbi , Luigi Diberti , Luis Molteni , Nicola Rondolino , Roberto Gessa , Stefania Orsola Garello , Stefania Spugnini , Vladimir Luxuria , Yorgo Voyagis


Genre: Drama, Erotic, Erótica, Italia, Italiano, Ruso

Director: Davide Ferrario

Tags: , , , , , , , , , ,

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