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Broken Butterfly - Butterflies

19754801h 52min

Description: A beautiful young country girl tires of life on the farm and her handsome but boring boyfriend. She dreams of a glamorous life as a fashion model in the big city, so one day she leaves the farm to pursue her dream. While in the city she meets up with Frank, a rich nightclub owner, who shows her a life she never knew existed. She discovers, however, that she’s not the only woman in Frank’s life. Hurt and angry, she turns for comfort to Frank’s lover, who is more than willing to give it to her.IMDB

Eric Edwards , Harry Reems , Heidi Kappler , Irene Wendlin , Marie Forså , Marius Aicher , Nadia Henkowa , Zoe Hendry

Sweden , West Germany


Genre: Adult, Alemania Occidental, Drama, English

Director: Joseph W. Sarno

Tags: , ,

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